Revision Policy

It is recommended to our potential customers to go through the revision policy section at our website before placing the order. If you feel any policy doesn’t goes along your convenience, you must refrain from placing order. If you have already received your QQI assignment from us and now you wish to seek revision, consider going through the policies below so you can be informed about in what scenarios we do and we do not offer revisions.

  • The revision for delivered order cannot be claimed within 30 days of the delivery and approval. In case of lengthy assignments like thesis, the limit would be extended to 60 days. In case you are not available for approval or reviewing the paper, let the customer support know so the period can be adjusted.

  • Revisions are usually catered within 48 to 72 hours. The time required to make the changes depends upon the nature of revision. In case if the revision is time-consuming, more time will be required. However, in case if urgent revision is needed, you can reach our customer support team.

  • Any requirements that were not stated at the time of order placement but were important for the assignment, it will not be considered as revision. Instead, customer will be required to place a fresh order. Also, if customer approved the topic, or case study and later after the order completion the customer requires changes, it will not be counted as revision.

  • Customers are recommended to claim their revisions using student portal or email. That’s because revisions received via the mentioned channels are quickly forwarded to the writer and they look into the matter. Claims made via WhatsApp or text message might not be considered and left un-catered.

  • Be informed that every cycle of revision would only include one set of instruction. This means, once the revision claim is accepted and is under procedure, no more queries would be added until the first cycle is completed. Also, extra information given after the revision is under process, it might not be considered until the revision is completed. It is highly advised to students mention all requirements clearly at once to avoid any inconvenience.

  • During the revision period, active responses from customers are important. In case customer fails to responds on-time, we might stop the revision process and will not be considered accountable for any delay occurred. We shall not be responsible if a student misses deadline due to delay occurred due to their inactiveness. We hold the right to cancel revision request if the customer is inactive during the process.

  • Revision request cannot be processed until the requirements are logical. For example, students telling that they don’t like or were expecting something else, such revision claims are never catered. A valid reason is needed to get revision request accepted.

  • For each revision, it is important to decide a fresh deadline mutually. Customers forcing or claiming a revision within hours might not be catered with our free revision facility.

QQI Assignment reserves right to refuse revision request in any circumstances and can make changes to policies without any notice.