Refund Policy

QQI Assignment is popular for delivering flawless papers at the least possible time and pricing. However, in case if customers are not happy with the service and wish to claim refund, we can do the needful. In that scenario, a certain set of refund policies would be implemented. Before claiming the refund, customers are required to go through the policies below.


We take immense pride in ensuring on time deliveries. In case due to any problem we fail to make the on-time delivery, our customers are eligible for full refund. Following terms and conditions would be implemented:

If the order was not delivered on committed time and student’s deadline has passed and the paper is of no use, we’ll provide the refund or can store credits for you. However, while going for the refund, make sure you have not used the content of the document.

Sometimes teachers might accept late submissions after a certain % deduction. In that case, only a certain % of refund will be processed. You will be required to present evidence of mark deduction or F grade received due to late submission.

Active collaboration from customer is required during the refund process. If you have made the claim and latter fail to respond timely, your case might be closed and the refund shall not be processed. Queries are usually responded within 12 hours or less. Any lack of information might result in decline of refund claim. Therefore, make sure you supply complete information.

We only make a refund if the order was delivered late. In case you requested a revision and the deadline was missed due to that, we shall not be liable for refund. If the deadline is close, you can always let us know in advance.

Poor Quality Paper:

Our team have been working since 10+ years and we are always confident in their capabilities. However, if you come issues in terms of quality or something, you can always request a refund. Following terms and conditions might be implemented in that scenario:

Refund is processed if the delivered paper is plagiarized although such situation is impossible to occur because we check every paper via Turnitin to ensure originality. But in case if we missed the check and you have received a plagiarized paper, your refund will be processed. We encourage customers to go for free revision or credit storage facility.

In case if you come across some grammar, referencing or language issues, refund shall not be processed. However, we can offer free revision until the customer is satisfied.

If the customer was provided with the drafts and they were satisfied but latter find the paper problematic, we shall not process the refunds. That’s because we share drafts to keep inconvenience at bay. If a customer doesn’t claims a problem at that time and latter requests a refund, we might not process refund.

If the paper is submitted, refund shall not be applicable.

Technical Glitches

Sometimes due to technical glitch from the payment company’s end, the customer might be charged twice. Here, a customer can instantly claim a refund by showing us the proof.

Cancelation By Customer

We are always available to sort out issues for customers. If there is a concern or problem leading you towards order cancelation, you can always discuss it with our customer support team. However, if you have made your mind or the service is no longer needed, you’d be required to cancel order within 12 hours. That’s because as soon as we receive the order, our experts start working on it. Order cancelation results in waste of effort and can make them feel discouraged. Therefore, if you cancel your order within 12 hours, only then the refund shall be processed, or else not.

Not Receiving The Required Grade

We understand that every student aims to score highest grade in their class or might have certain benchmark. For that, we try our level best to produce highest quality paper for the student. But there could be scenarios, where a student might not achieve what they have pictured in their mind. For example, they might score ‘B’ grade instead of an A. in this case, we are not accountable for refund.

Getting F Grade

In rare case you have failed the paper, you can always reach out customer support team with an evidence of F grade. We will verify the matter and process your refund. The evidence will include your authentic grade sheet and comments from your professor. Failing to present any required information will result in cancelation of refund request.

Refund Claim Procedure

No matter in whatever case you aim to claim the refund, you’d be required to present certain information or details. This is to make sure that the final decision is fair and justified. In cases of refund we usually charge back our experts as well (if the shortcoming occurred at their end). Unjustified decision would lead to unjustful action towards our writer. Once the evidence is accepted and verified, we process the refund within 30 days.